Canada Versus America Job Market

The Student Concerns Subcommittee invites you to learn more about navigating the job market from  American and Canadian perspectives.  Our panelists will share their experiences and suggest strategies for students embarking on their careers in academia.

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Dr. Amanda Cheong

Dr. Amanda Cheong is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of British Columbia. Her research examines the links between legal status and the reproduction of inequality, with a focus on undocumented migrants, stateless persons, and refugees. Dr. Cheong earned a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy at Princeton University in 2019.

Dr. Andrea Polonijo

Dr. Andrea N. Polonijo is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced. She earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of British Columbia and MPH in Health Promotion from the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on health disparities along axes of socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity. She has published in leading medical sociology and public health journals, including the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Social Science & Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Transgender Health.

Dr. Natalie Delia Deckard

Dr. Delia Deckard is an Assistant Professor of Criminology at the University of Windsor.   Her research examines the intersection of racialization and migration status, detailing the ways in which criminalization works to delegitimize the presence of BIPOC bodies in the public sphere. Her me-search theorizes afro-Latinidad as a space of both inclusion and exclusion. Dr. Delia Deckard is a member of the Canadian Sociological Association’s Black Caucus, the chair of the CSA Mentorship Committee, a Board Member of the John Howard Society of Windsor-Essex, and sits on the City of Windsor Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund Board.

Dr. Allyson Stokes

Dr. Allyson Stokes is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Memorial University. Before joining Memorial in 2018, she earned a PhD from McMaster University (2013), was a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin (2014-2016) and taught at the University of Waterloo (2017-2018). She is a sociologist of work, culture, and inequality. Currently, she is conducting a project about sexual harassment and #metoo in entertainment, funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant. Her work has appeared in journals such as Gender & SocietyWorkEmployment and SocietyCultural Sociology, Social Currents, and Canadian Review of Sociology.

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