Congress 2019 — CSA meetings in Vancouver

There are many sessions of interest to Work, Professions, and Occupations research cluster members planned for Vancouver this June.  There are 7 cluster-affiliated sessions and a research cluster meeting.   All of the details are below:

June 4

8:30am, ANGU 354 – WPO II – Professions
10:30am, ANGU 354 – WPO V – Sociology of Work
12:15pm, ANGU 354 – Research Cluster Meeting
1:30pm, ANGU 354 – Professions in Canada Past and Present

June 5

8:30am, ANGU 354 – Opportunities, Skills, Knowledge, Barriers
10:30am, ANGU 354 – Work and Health
1:30pm, ANGU 354 – Women Gender and Work
3:30pm, ANGU 354 – Profile of an Advanced Capitalist ‘Knowledge’ Economy

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