WPO Best Student Paper Award

In 2019 the Work, Professions and Occupations Research Cluster will once again offer a Best Student Paper Award. The award goes to the best student paper touching on work, professions, and/or occupations presented at the CSA meetings in 2019. To be eligible, papers must be unpublished, and must have been written by a student in an MA or PhD program in good standing, who are CSA members. Papers may be co-written with a faculty member, but the student must be the primary author (75% plus contribution). If the paper is co-written with a faculty member, a statement from the faculty member must accompany the paper declaring the extent of his/her contribution to the paper. To be eligible, papers must be submitted by the deadline established, which will normally be two to three weeks before the start of the CSA meetings in a given year.
This year’s deadline for paper submissions is Monday May 13th 2019. Please submit papers to the cluster liaison Tracey Adams (tladams@uwo.ca).

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