The 2017 Annual CSA Conference was held in Toronto at Ryerson University. The WPO cluster sponsored several cluster sessions, roundtables, and a panel. A summary of WPO events is below:

Professionals’ Changing Roles in an Advanced Knowledge Economy
Graduate Student Outcomes: What comes after grad school for sociologists?
Work and the Life Course
Understanding Inequalities at the Workplace
Understanding Inequalities in CDN & US Labour Markets
WPO Cluster Meeting
Precarious Work
Inequality, Gender, and Work
Work, Meaning, and Satisfaction
Roundtable: Universities and Careers


The 2016 Annual CSA Conference was held at the University of Calgary. The WPO cluster sponsored 7 cluster sessions, and joined with the Feminist Sociology cluster to host 2 others.

Among the cluster sessions were the following:

Labour Market Inequality in Canada
Feminist Analyses of Occupations (Co-Sponsored with the Feminist Sociology Cluster
Feminist Analyses of Work (Co-Sponsored with the Feminist Sociology cluster)
Work-Life Balance and Work-Family Conflict
Professional Work
First and Second-Generation Immigrants in the Workplace
Precarious Work
Gender and Life Course Issues at Work
Unions Mobility and Economic Transformations

The Work, Professions and Occupations cluster sponsored both an open call for papers and sessions on selected themes at the 2015 Conference of the CSA in Ottawa.

Work Occupations and Professions: Open Call for Papers
Session A: Precarious / Marginalized Work
Session B: Gender, Occupations, and Professions
Session C: Professions and Knowledge-based Work

Care Workers and Health Care Restructuring

The Regulation of Work, Occupations, and Professions
Session A: Professional Work
Session B: Stratification and Inequality