Past Recipients

The CSA Work, Professions and Occupations research cluster will confer a “best student paper” award at the annual meetings to the paper adjudicated by the awards committee to make the most significant contribution to the study of Work, Occupations and/or Professions. To be eligible for the award the paper author must meet the following criteria:
* The paper must be written by one or more students in good standing in a Masters or PhD program, who is/ are CSA members.
* Papers co-written with a non-student (for instance a faculty member advisor) are acceptable as long as the student submitter is the primary author, and responsible for 75% or more of the paper.
* When submitting a co-authored paper, the student should submit both a statement outlining the contributions of each co-author, and if the paper was co-authored by a faculty member, a statement by the faculty member declaring the extent of his/her contribution to the paper.
* Awards must be submitted by the deadline established in a given year, which will normally be two to three weeks before the start of the CSA meetings in a given year.