Black Caucus Letter of Support

Feb 26 2021

Canadian Sociological Association’s Black Caucus letter of support for the Black Canadian Studies Association


As members of the newly formed CSA Black Caucus, we wish to express our disappointment in the actions of the Federation, which have led to the BCSA’s decision not to participate in the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences gathering because of the ongoing difficulties with the Federation documented here:

We wish to express our solidarity with the BCSA and demand that the Federation move beyond mere words and engage in a long-term commitment to dismantling anti-Black racism.

Anti-Black racism in academia has shaped the experiences of all of our members, many of whom have been racially profiled by law enforcement both on and off campus, have been victims of racial microaggressions by their professors, administrators, administrative staff and colleagues, and have struggled to navigate their status as perceived ‘tokens’ within a sea of White faculty members in their institutions.

Resistance and agency are our strengths. Our members continue to challenge racism and racial stereotypes through their scholarly work, community engagement, and anti-oppressive/anti-racism pedagogical practices. We have reflected upon the statement issued by the Federation and by the BCSA. The Federation must commit to the following for future Congresses in 2022 and beyond:


  • Allocate funds to anti-Black racism and the support of Black scholars (e.g., bursaries, workshops, events, research assistantships for Black students).


  • Create permanent space at the book exhibition enabling Black-owned bookstores to feature the work of Black scholars, in particular those of Black Canadian scholars.


  • Develop session themes about anti-Black racism featuring Black Canadian scholars.


  • Establish zero tolerance policies for racism and racist actions by members of any learned society, with a potential penalty of a permanent ban from Congress.


  • Dedicate themselves to ongoing work to urge and support members, i.e. associations and universities/colleges, to address anti-Black racism within their institutions.


We call upon the Federation to reflect on its current and previous practices and make changes that will create a more inclusive space for Black, Indigenous, and all other marginalized groups.


CSA Black Caucus


The CSA Executive Committee endorses the Black Caucus’s letter of support for the Black Canadian Studies Association. The Executive Committee is working on a statement to be released over the coming days.

If you have any questions or comments for the CSA Executive Committee, you are welcome to contact President of the CSA Professor Xiaobei Chen and Executive Director Sherry Fox. If you wish to contact the Black Caucus directly, please write to Chair of the Black Caucus Professor Alana Butler.

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