CSA Black Caucus Steering Committee

Mar 19 2021

Canadian Sociological Association's Black Caucus Steering Committee: Statement Against Anti-Asian Racism and Violence

Today, we write to you in anger and grief over the murders of eight people in Atlanta, Georgia, including six Asian-American women. These horrific crimes have taken place amidst rising levels of abuse and violence directed towards people of Asian descent in North America. As the Canadian Sociological Association Black Caucus steering committee, we wish to unequivocally condemn all forms of anti-Asian racism and stand in solidarity with Asian, AAPI, and Asian-Canadian communities in the United States and Canada. We must be united in opposition to these deplorable acts and against all forms of hatred.

While this week's shocking events have drawn our attention to the United States, we must also acknowledge that anti-Asian racism is a critical issue in Canada, with deep historical roots. Since the onset of the pandemic, Canada has seen over 1,000 reported incidents anti-Asian racism, including a 50 per cent increase in assaults. Significantly, women have been disproportionately impacted by these crimes, reporting 60 per cent of all incidents. Indeed, recent data shows that Canada has experienced a higher number of anti-Asian racism incidents per capita than the United States. These disturbing figures should again serve to remind us that our long-standing national myth of multiculturalism and tolerance is not experienced equally by all.

The growing wave of anti-Asian racism that has swept across North America since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic must be acknowledged, confronted, and defeated. As Black scholars, we stand committed to these efforts and to working collaboratively to identify and address the myriad forms of social and structural inequalities that further perpetuate these harms. Here, it is imperative that we come together in the spirit of solidarity to recognize and reaffirm our collective struggles against racism, white supremacy, xenophobia, misogyny, and gender-based violence.

The Black Caucus Steering Committee


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