2022 Awards

Sep 6 2022

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Angus Reid Practitioner - Applied Sociology Award

Martha Dow
Director, Community Health and Social Innovation Hub
Associate Professor, School of Culture, Media and Society
University of the Fraser Valley


Mojtaba Rostami, PhD Student
Department of Sociology
University of Calgary

Best Student Paper Award

Andrew Crosby, Carleton University
“Framework for Social Destruction”: Community Well-being and Domicide in the Liveable City

Honourable Mention

Sepideh Borzoo, University of Calgary
Marketing Diversity in a gendered racialized marketplace: The everyday experiences of selling diversity in the cosmetic retail store

Canadian Review of Sociology Journal Best Article Award

William K. Carroll, University of Victoria, Nicolas Graham, University of Victoria, and Mark Shakespear, University of British Columbia

Mapping the environmental field: Networks of foundations, ENGOs, and think tanks. Canadian Review of Sociology, Volume 58, Issue 3 (pages 284-305)

Early Investigator Award

Yue Qian
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
University of British Columbia

Global Sociology Award

Kristin Victoria Magistrelli Plys, University of Toronto

Brewing Resistance: Indian Coffee House and the Emergency in Postcolonial India. Cambridge University Press, 2020

John Porter Tradition of Excellence Book Award

Cynthia Cranford, University of Toronto

Home Care Fault Lines: Understanding Tensions and Creating Alliances.  Cornell University Press, 2020

Honourable Mention

Amal Madibbo, University of Toronto

Blackness and la Francophonie: Anti-Black Racism, Linguicism and the Construction and Negotiation of Multiple Minority Identities. Presses de l'Université Laval, 2021

Lorne Tepperman Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award

Catherine Corrigall-Brown
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
University of British Columbia

Outstanding Contribution Award

Not awarded in 2022

Outstanding Service Award

Tracey L. Adams
Professor, Department of Sociology
Western University

Prix d'excellence en sociologie de langue française 

Leyla Sall, Université de Moncton

L’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick et « ces » immigrants francophones : entre incomplétude institutionnelle et accueil symbolique.
Presses de l'Université Laval, 2021

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