Decolonization Subcommittee

Jan 22 2023

We are seeking 1 faculty member to assist with activities for the upcoming year.  Please contact the CSA Office.

The mandate of the subcommittee includes;

  • Bring current and emerging issues of concern dealing with reconciliation, decolonization and settler colonialism to the attention of the Association

  • Represent the Association on external committees dealing with reconciliation issues as relevant and with the approval of the Executive Committee

  • Communicate relevant resources to the membership and broader community through the Association

  • Incorporate reconciliation initiatives into the regular business of the Association and annual conferences

  • Assign members to other Association committees (e.g. Awards, Conference Program, Nominations, etc) if deemed appropriate

  • Organize special sessions on Decolonization issues at the annual conference and/or as part of the Association webinar series

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