Jane McArthur

Jane E. McArthur is currently a PhD Candidate in the Doctoral Program in Sociology (Social Justice) at University of Windsor, with a focus that integrates environmental sociology, environmental health, and action and advocacy through research. With a recognition of the importance of the role of the media in contributing to the construction of realities in contemporary society, investigating the production of discourses are a pivotal aspect of Jane’s ongoing work in community environmental health perspectives. Her dissertation research examines how women who work in an environment with an identified risk of breast cancer construct meanings and understandings of this risk and how women perceive and exercise agency in the acceptance, avoidance or negotiation of those risks. She expects to graduate with a PhD in 2019 and will continue with the task of addressing the complexity of issues involved in confronting environmental health risks.

Research Areas: Applied Sociology, Canadian Sociology, Communities, Environmental Studies, Equality and Inequality, Health and Care, Media Studies, Organizations, Policy and Society, Politics and Social Movements, Social Structure, Social Theory, Work and Professions

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Specializing in: Breast Cancer, Environmental Health, Media and Communication

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Environmental Breast Cancer Risks

Interviewed regarding preliminary findings of dissertation research with women workers at the Ambassador Bridge about environmental breast cancer risks. Additional interviews within this topic; CBC Radio-Canada The Windsor Star  

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Researcher Seeks 20 Women for Breast Cancer Study

Jane McArthur, PhD Candidate, discusses her PhD research project investigating women's perceptions and understandings of breast cancer risks in relation to environmental and occupational exposures.

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Environmental Exposures and Breast Cancer Risk

Jane McArthur, PhD Candidate in Sociology/Social Justice at the University of Windsor, talks with WE-TV's Josie Elysia about her research with women about their understandings of the relationship between ...

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Member Publication

Challenging the Dominant Breast Cancer Causation Paradigm through the Lens of Media Discourses

In this chapter, McArthur considers the role of the media in perpetuating dominant representations of breast cancer, a disease that claims the lives of over half a million women worldwide ...

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