Michelle Sullivan

I work in municipal emergency management and specialize in community engagement, capacity-building and prevention, preparedness, response and recovery initiatives to aid vulnerable populations. My focus area of engagement is community service and faith-based organizations. Incorporating a collaborative and team approach, I implement strategic, operational and tactical plans , engaging a wide range of stakeholders, using theoretical models, tools of the trade and best practices derived from three paradigms in my industry: hazard, social vulnerability and resilience.

Research Areas: Applied Sociology, Canadian Sociology, Communities, Criminology and Law, Culture, Development and Globalization, Disability Studies, Disaster and Emergency Management, Economic Sociology, Education, Environmental Studies, Equality and Inequality, Health and Care, Human Animal Studies, Indigenous Studies, Media Studies, Migration Immigration, Organizations, Policy and Society, Politics and Social Movements, Professional Development, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Research Methods, Rural and Urban Sociology, Science and Technology, Social Networks, Social Structure, Social Theory, Violence, Work and Professions

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Building community resilience in the face of climate change

Sheila Murray, Beatrice Ekoko, Lidia Ferreira, and Michelle Sullivan all work in some capacity with an initiative called the Lighthouse Project, a pilot that aims to develop new approaches for ...

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