Tamari Kitossa

Associate Professor of Sociology

Tamari Kitossa’s interests include convergences of race, racism and criminalization (e.g., anti-blackness, anti-criminology, prison abolition, racial profiling, sociology of knowledge and interracial unions).

Edited with Erica Lawson and Philip S. S. Howard in 2019, Dr. Kitossa released African Canadian Leadership: Continuity, Transition, and Transformation (University of Toronto Press). The collection of original essays offers fresh perspectives and critical examination of African Canadian leadership. With Awad Ibrahim, Malinda Smith and Handel K. Wright, he is co-editor and contributor to the forthcoming book Nuances of Blackness in the Canadian Academy (University of Toronto Press). This collection of autho-ethnographic and theoretics of Blackness in Canada, explores the experiences and work of African Canadian academics. He is editor of the forthcoming book Appealing Because He is Appalling: Black Masculinities, Colonialism and Erotic Racism (University of Alberta Press). This collection of original and path-breaking essays by a transnational team of scholars. It brings into conversation the critical insights of James Baldwin and Frantz Fanon on erotic racism and the implications of sexual tropes about gay, straight and transgender Black men across time and around the world.

Research Areas: Criminology and Law, Race and Ethnicity

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Defending academic freedom, defending Tomas Hudlicky

In this op-ed, Dr. Tamari Kitossa explains why he believes academic freedom should be defended as illustrated by the case of Dr. Hudlicky who is facing sanctions by the administration ...

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