Tina Fetner

Tina Fetner is Associate Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department at McMaster University and President of the Canadian Sociological Association. Her research examines LGBT activism, anti-LGBT activism, and social and political change around sexuality. Her book, How the Religious Right Shaped Lesbian and Gay Activism, examines the rise of the anti-LGBT religious right in the United States and traces over time how LGBT activists reshaped their movement in response to the threat of this opposing movement. She also does historical research on the religious right comparatively in Canada and the United States, examining the historical cultural and political underpinnings of right-wing activism in Canada and the United States. Her other research projects include analyses of the social change in attitudes toward lesbian and gay people, and the uneven growth of supports for youth, such as Gay-Straight Alliances. Her most recent project examines the social organization of sexual behaviour, and its intersection with social and political attitudes.

Research Areas: Equality and Inequality, Gender, Politics and Social Movements

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