Moments of Crisis: Religion and National Identity in Québec

by Ian Morrison (Author)

In the past two decades, Québec has been racked by a series of controversies in which the religiosity of migrants and other minorities has been represented as a threat to the province’s once staunchly Catholic, and now resolutely secular, identity. In Moments of Crisis, Ian Morrison locates these controversies and debates within a long history of crises within – and transformations of – Québécois, from the Conquest of New France in 1760 to contemporary times. He argues that national identity, like all identities, is unstable and prone to moments of crisis. It is in these moments that the nation is articulated and rearticulated, reinforced, and ultimately reproduced. Morrison also argues that, rather than seeking to overcome current controversies by reconsolidating national identity, Québécois should look on moments of crisis as opportunities to forge alternative conceptions of community, identity, and belonging.

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