Special issue: African Canadians, gender and sexuality

by Johanne Jean-Pierre (Guest Editor); Lance McCready (Guest Editor)

This is a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Sociology focusing on African Canadians, gender and sexuality. This special issue adds to the body of empirical knowledge about gender and sexuality and how they relate to identities, structures, and systems within African Canadian communities. All of the articles feature qualitative inquiries. These were conducted in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia and focused on education, policing, sexual agency and romantic relationships.

This special issue was guest edited by Johanne Jean-Pierre (Ryerson University) and Lance McCready (University of Toronto). Jean-Pierre, J. & McCready, L. (Eds). (2019). African Canadians, Gender and Sexuality/Les afro-canadiens, le genre et la sexualité [Special Issue/Numéro thématique]. Canadian Journal of Sociology/Cahiers canadiens de sociologie, 44(4), pages 311-446.

For additional information: Canadian Journal of Sociology ISSN 1710-1123 University of Alberta Library