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Applied Sociology

Social Structuration in Tibetan Society Education, Society, and Spirituality

This volume is unique in the literature concerning both the sociology of education and Tibetan society. It aims to propose a Tibetan sociology of education, something that no other author ...

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Student Homelessness

A short discussion of emerging research on post-secondary student homelessness (PSSH).

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Eric Weissman

Affiliation: University of New Brunswick


Research Areas: Addictions, Applied Sociology, Canadian Sociology, Children and Youth, Communities, Criminology and Law, Culture, Disability Studies, Education, Environmental Studies, Equality and Inequality, Feminist Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Health and Care, Homelessness, Housing, Indigenous Studies, Media Studies, Mental Health, Policy and Society, Politics and Social Movements, Research Methods, Rural and Urban Sociology, Social Networks, Social Structure, Social Theory, Sociology of Knowledge, Teaching Sociology, Visual Sociology

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