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For comments and official statements from the Canadian Sociological Association, please contact our Communications Officer, Dr. John McLevey.

The following list of Canadian Sociological Association members is available for media interviews on specific topics and research.  This list is self-subscribed and the Association does not endorse nor verify the qualifications of these contacts.

Members are invited to subscribe to this list.

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Pour les commentaires et les déclarations officielles de la Société canadienne de sociologie, veuillez communiquer avec notre agent des communications, Dr. John McLevey.

La liste suivante des membres de la Société canadienne de sociologie est disponible pour des interviews avec les médias sur des sujets et des recherches spécifiques.  L’inscription à cette liste est faite par les membres même et la Société n’approuve ni ne vérifie leurs qualifications.

Les membres sont invités à s’inscrire à cette liste.

Conditions d’utilisation

The list below is sorted by the most recent postings.  Use the search boxes to the right to narrow the list by name, affiliation, or research area.

La liste ci-dessous est triée en fonction des publications les plus récentes.  Utilisez les champs de recherche à droite pour affiner la liste par nom, affiliation ou domaine de recherche.

List of Members

Alejandro Hernandez

Affiliation: Carleton University


Research Areas: Canadian Sociology, Children and Youth, Migration Immigration, Race and Ethnicity

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Nicole Dalmer

Affiliation: University of Western Ontario


Research Areas: Health and Care, Institutional Ethnography, Policy and Society

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Mervyn Horgan

Affiliation: University of Guelph


Research Areas: Communities, Culture, Equality and Inequality, Immigration, Migration, Rural and Urban Sociology, Social Theory, Teaching Sociology

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Patrick Watson

Affiliation: Wilfrid Laurier University


Research Areas: Applied Sociology, Criminology and Law, Media Studies, Organizations, Policy and Society, Politics and Social Movements, Research Methods, Science and Technology, Social Theory, Sociology of Knowledge, Violence, Visual Sociology

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Jane McArthur

Affiliation: University of Windsor


Research Areas: Applied Sociology, Canadian Sociology, Communities, Environmental Studies, Equality and Inequality, Health and Care, Media Studies, Organizations, Policy and Society, Politics and Social Movements, Social Structure, Social Theory, Work and Professions

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