Reading Sociology

New Edition of Reading Sociology

Reading Sociology, Second Edition

A Canadian Sociological Association Reader
Edited by Lorne Tepperman and Angela Kalyta

From OUP Canada:

Published in partnership with the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA), this reader offers students an engaging overview of the current state of sociology in Canada. With over 60 interesting, expertly-edited selections by both well-known and up-and-coming CSA members, the reader is organized into 16 thematic parts that explore the main areas of sociological inquiry. This second edition includes a brand new cross-referencing guide to help students make conceptual connections among the readings and a new section addressing media issues exposes students to this ever-growing area of study. Covering a broad spectrum of sociological thought, Reading Sociology: Canadian Perspectives, second edition, will engage students with cutting-edge research being conducted by Canadian sociologists.

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PART I: What is Sociology? Theories and Research Methods
1. Peter Eglin*: Intellectual Citizenship and Incarnation: A Reply to Stanley Fish
2. Rick Helmes-Hayes*: Anticipating Burawoy: John Porter's Public Sociology
3. Patricia D. McGuire*: Indigenous Spaces in Sociology
4. Bruce Curtis: Reading Reflexively
5. Jean-Philippe Warren*: Francophone and Anglophone Sociologists in Canada: Diverging, Converging, or Parallel Trends?

PART II: Culture
6. Steve Garlick*: Maintaining Control? Masculinity and Internet Pornography
7. Sarah Knudson*: What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs: Examining Cultural Change and Ideas about Gender Equality in Relationship Self-Help Books, 1960-2009
8. Stephen Harold Riggins*: The Bonds of Things
9. Slobodan Drakulic*: Nationalism from Below

PART III: Socialization
10. Anthony Lombardo*: Online Interactions among Men Who Have Sex with Men: Situated Performances and Sexual Education
11. Nancy Beauregard, Andrée Demers, and Louis Gliksman*: The Ecology of Drinking: Revisiting the Role of the Campus Environment on Students' Drinking Patterns
12. Nedim Karakayali: Duality and Diversity in the Lives of Immigrant Children: Rethinking the 'Problem of the Second Generation' in Light of Immigrant Autobiographies
13. Brenda L. Beagan*: 'Even If I Don't Know What I'm Doing I Can Make it Look Like I Know What I'm Doing': Becoming a Doctor in the 1990s

PART IV: Deviance
14. Michael C. Adorjan*: Emotions Contests and Reflexivity in the News: Examining Discourse on Youth Crime in Canada
15. Patrick F. Parnaby and Myra Leyden*: Dirty Harry and the Station Queens: A Mertonian Analysis of Police Deviance
16. Frances Shaver*: Legislative Approaches to Prostitution: A Critical Introduction
17. Dany Lacombe and Christie Barron: Moral Panic and the Nasty Girl

PART V: Families
18. Patrizia Albanese*: The More Things Change...The More We Need Child Care, On the Fortieth Anniversary of the Report on the Royal Commission on the Status of Women
19. Annette Tezli*: Keeping the Family Intact - The Lived Experience of Sheltered Homeless Families
20. Nancy S. Netting: Love and Arranged-Marriage in India Today: Negotiating Adulthood
21. Andrea Doucet*: Gender Equality and Gender Differences: Parenting, Habitus, and Embodiment (The 2008 Porter Lecture)

PART VI: Education
22. Maureen Baker*: The Rise of the 'Research University': Gendered Outcomes
23. Matthew Lange*: Education, Ethnonationalism, and Non-Violence in Quebec
24. Sinziana Chira*: From International Universities to Diverse Local Communities? International Students in Halifax and Beyond
25. Shaun Chen: Segregation versus Self-Determination: A Black and White Debate on Canada's First Africentric School

26. Reuben N. Roth*: 'Suck It Up Buttercup': A Culture of Acceptable Workplace Violence in Group Homes
27. Marjorie DeVault, Murali Venkatesh, and Frank Ridzi*: 'Let's Be Friends': Working within an Accountability Circuit
28. Tracey L. Adams*: Profession: A Useful Concept for Sociological Analysis?
29. Jean Wallace and Marisa Young*: Work Hard, Play Hard?: A Comparison of Male and Female Lawyers' Time in Paid and Unpaid Work and Participation in Leisure Activities

PART VIII: Aging and the Life Course
30. Zenaida Ravanera and Roderic Beaujot*: Childlessness and Socio-Economic Characteristics: What Does the Canadian 2006 General Social Survey Tell Us?
31. Laura M. Funk and Karen M. Kobayashi*: 'Choice' in Filial Care Work: Moving beyond a Dichotomy
32. Frank Trovato and Nirannanilathu Lalu*: From Divergence to Convergence: The Sex Differential in Life Expectancy in Canada, 1971-2000

PART IX: Health
33. Jeff Stepnisky*: Biocitizenship and Mental Health in a Canadian Context
34. Reza Nakhaie and Robert Arnold*: Love and Changes in Health
35. Carol Berenson*: Menstruation by Choice: The Framing of a Controversial Issue
36. Rebecca Scott*: Placentations

PART X: Inequality & Stratification
37. Pat Armstrong*: Pay Equity: Yesterday's Issue?
38. Jacqueline Kennelly*: Red Zones, Empty Alleys, and Giant TVs: Low-Income Youths' Spatial Account of Olympic Host Cities
39. Arlene Tigar McLaren and Sylvia Parusel*: Parents and Traffic Safety: Unequal Risk and Responsibilities to and from School
40. Carlo Fanelli and Justin Paulson*: Municipal Malaise: Neo-liberal Urbanism in Canada

PART XI: Sex & Gender
41. Sara O'Shaughnessy*: Gold Diggers and Moms: Representations of Women's Identities in Fort McMurray in Chatelaine
42. Wesley Crichlow*: Hyperheterosexualitzation, Masculinity, and HIV/AIDS Challenges
43. Lisa Taylor*: Contested Imaginaries: Reading Muslim Women and Muslim Women Reading Back: Trasnational Feminist Reading Practices, Pedagogy and Ethical Concerns
44. Kathy Bischoping and Riley Olstead*: Spinsters and Suspects: Gender and Moral Citizenship in Poison Pen Mystery Novels
45. Kristin A. Hardy*: Fleshy Histories: Fatness, Sex/Gender, and the Medicalized Body in the Nineteenth Century

PART XII: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity
46. Jeffrey S. Denis*: Bridging Understandings: Anishinaabe and White Responses to the Residential School Apology and Prospects for Reconciliation
47. Vic Satzewich and William Shaffir*: The Informal Settlement Sector: Broadening the Lens to Understand Newcomer Integration In Hamilton
48. Cora J. Voyageur*: The New Relationship between Social Sciences and the Indigenous Peoples of Canada
49. Alan Simmons*: Changing Canadian Immigration and Visa Worker Programs: Implications for Nation Building and Social Cohesion
50. Monica Boyd and Emily Laxer*: Voting across Immigrant Generations

PART XIII: Globalization
51. Suzan Ilcan and Rob Aitken*: United Nations and Early Postwar Development: Assembling World Order
52. Claudio Colaguori and Carlos Torres*: Policing Terrorism in the Post 9/11 Era: Critical Challenges and Concerns
53. Harris Ali*: Infectious Disease, Environmental Change, and Social Control
54. Nathan Young*: Does a Place Like This Still Matter? Remaking Economic Identity in Post-Resource Communities

PART XIV: States & Government
55. Kevin Walby and Michael Haan*: Counting, Caste and Confusion during Census Enumeration in Colonial India
56. Dominique Clément*: Canada's Rights Revolution: Social Movements and Social Change, 1937-1982
57. Robert Andersen and Josh Curtis*: The Economy and Public Opinion on Welfare Spending in Canada
58. Ivanka Knezevic*: Social Europe and Eastern Europe: Post-Socialist Scholars Grapple with New Models of Social Policy

PART XV: Environment
59. Sherrie Steiner*: 'How Can You Decide about Us without Us?': A Canadian Catastrophe in Copenhagen
60. Katja Neves*: The Production Modernity in Classic American Whale Hunting
61. Mark C.J. Stoddart and Laura MacDonald*: 'Keep It Wild, Keep It Local': Comparing News Media and the Internet as Sites for Environmental Movement Activism for Jumbo Pass, British Columbia
62. Wilhelm Peekhaus*: Regulating Agricultural Biotechnology in Canada: Paradoxes and Conflicts of a Closed System
63. Mark Vardy*: The Science and Politics of Polar Ice

64. Helga Kristin Hallgrimsdottir, Rachel Phillips, and Cecilia Benoit*: Fallen Women and Rescued Girls: Social Stigma and Media Narratives of the Sex Industry in Victoria, British Columbia, from 1980 to 2005
65. Michèle Ollivier, Wendy Robbins, Diane Beauregard, Jennifer Brayton, and Geneviève Sauvé*: Feminist Activists Online: A Study of the PAR-L Research Network
66. Linda Quirke*: 'Keeping Young Minds Sharp': Children's Cognitive Stimulation and the Rise of Parenting Magazines, 1959-2003
67. Rima Wilkes, Catherine Corrigall-Brown, and Daniel J. Myers*: Packaging Protest: Media Coverage of Indigenous People's Collective Action

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