Statement of Professional Ethics

In 2020, the Canadian Sociological Association's Policy, Ethics and Professional Concerns Subcommittee (PEPC) reviewed our Statement of Professional Ethics (version 2012) based on the updated Tri-Council Policy Statement-Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS-2) 2018.

The PEPC was concerned with ‘ethics creep’ and has thus limited the number of changes and additions to the current document to maintain its accessibility and integrity. Any member conducting research funded by the Tri-Council or who works at an institution that receives Tri-Council funding is required to abide by the ethics outlined in the TCPS-2. Our intention was not to replicate this document but to align our practices with theirs. All researchers are encouraged to consult the TCPS-2 for information on aspects related to the ethical practice of research.

Canadian Sociological Association: Statement of Professional Ethics