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Environmental Sociology

We are a network of scholars with expertise on the social dimensions of environmental problems and conflicts. Members conduct research on a diverse range of issues related to climate change, disasters, and natural resources to uncover the social relations, practices, identities, and power dynamics that contour relationships between people and the environment.

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Member Profiles

Discover Canadian Environmental Sociology researchers and their research.  Join the conversation to meet more researchers!

Member Affiliation Research Interests Learn More
Jules M. BACON Ph.D Grinnell College Decolonial & anti-colonial praxis, emotions, environmental justice, armed conflict and the environment, social movements Personal Website
Shaun BARTONE Ph.D. Candidate, New Brunswick  Ecological sociology; complexity, chaos and systems theory; networks and communities; social movements and culture; urban planning; gender, feminist and queer theory.  Academia
Tyler J. BATEMAN Ph.D Candidate, University of Toronto Abolitionist Environmentalism; Environmental Education; Environmental Stewardship; Mixed Methods; Narrative Sociology; Relational Sociology

Personal Website

Christine BEAUDOIN Assistant Professor at Université de l'Ontario français Social-ecological perspectives, environmental (co-)governance, conservation of biodiversity, relationship with non-humans, relational sociology, science studies.


Evalyna BOGDAN Ph.D, York University Environmental sociology, disasters & crises
community engagement, food & agriculture
Personal Website
Gary BOWDAN Ph.D, University of New Brunswick Energy issues, climate change, policies, ecological sociology Academic Profile
Ken CAINE Ph.D, University of Alberta Environmental Sociology; Environmental governance; Power and the environment; Natural resource management; Critical Institutionalism  Academic Profile
Max CHEWINSKI Ph.D Candidate, University of British Columbia Environmental politics and justice Personal Website
Debra J. DAVIDSON Ph.D, University of Alberta Climate change impacts and adaptation; social responses to climate change; fossil fuels politics; transitions in energy; food systems Academic Profile
Fedor DOKSHIN Ph.D, University of Toronto Energy and the environment; organizations and social networks; computational social science; political sociology Personal Website
Rezvaneh ERFANI PhD Candidate, University of Alberta Environmental Justice, Climate Activism, Ecofeminism, Gender and Environment, Political Ecology, Democracy and the Environment Personal Website
Randolph HALUZA-DELAY Ph.D Environmental justice; sustainability transitions; environmental education; religion and ecology; outdoor recreation; environmental racism Academia
Myra HIRD Ph.D, Queen's University Waste; settler colonialism; governance; circular economy; recycling Personal Website
Steve G. HOFFMAN Ph.D, University of Toronto Social and sociological theory; science and technology studies; comparative ethnography; disaster studies; organizational sociology; cultural sociology Personal Website
Md Saidul ISLAM Ph.D, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Environmental sociology; development studies; food and agriculture Academic Profile
Josée JOHNSTON Ph.D, University of Toronto Food; consumer culture; gender; critical theory; sustainability Personal Website
Emily HUDDART KENNEDY Ph.D, University of British Columbia Environmental sociology; Sociology of consumption; Sustainable and green consumption; Civic engagement; Food; Gender Academic Profile
Yasmin KOOP-MONTEIRO Ph.D Candidate, University of British Columbia Social network analysis, social movements, environmental sociology, animal studies, social capital Academic Profile
Angeline M LETOURNEAU Ph.D, University of Alberta Gender and the environment; energy systems; climate change; denial
identity; agri-Food systems; rural sociology
Personal Website
Norah MACKENDRICK Ph.D, Rutgers University Environmental health;gender; food; consumers and consumption; risk Personal Website
Raymond MURPHY Emeritus Professor, University of Ottawa Environmental sociology; fossil fuels Research Gate
John PARKINGS Ph.D, University of Alberta Renewable energy; energy transition; social impact assessment; citizen engagement; sustainable agriculture; forest management Academic Profile
JP SAPINSKI Ph.D, Université de Moncton Corporations and the environment; Climate politics; Energy politics; Political ecology; Ecofeminism; Social network analysis  ResearchGate
Nicholas SCOTT Ph.D, Simon Fraser University Everyday cycling; sustainable mobilities; interspecies mobility justice; political ecologies; ecological common good Personal Website
Lisa Y. SEILER PhD Candidate, York University Environmental sociology, climate change, environmental movements, communications, environmental policy, actor-network theory, mixed methods, survey research, computational social science Academic Profile
Stephanie SODERO Ph.D, University of Manchester Climate change, mobility and health Personal Website
Mark CJ STODDART Ph.D, Memorial University Climate change; oil and gas; tourism; environmental movements; environmental communication; environmental governance Academia
Brody TROTTIER Ph.D Student, University of Toronto Critical social theory; political economy; political ecology; risk; critical animal studies  
Anelyse WEILER Ph.D University of Victoria Food and agriculture; migrant workers; political ecology; food and farm workers; food security; environmental justice Academic Profile