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CSA Award Winners / Récipiendaires des prix de la SCS

The Canadian Sociological Association is proud to announce our award recipients for 2018.   They will be honoured at our next Annual Conference to be held at the University of British Columbia between June 3 - 6, 2019.

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Several Research Clusters also offer awards for the Best Student Papers presented at our Annual Conferences.  Details will be on their resepective website as well as the Conference website.

2018 CSA-SCS Award recipients


Angus Reid Applied Sociology Awards:

Practitioner: Dr. Chris Bruckert, University of Ottawa

Chris BruckertThe Angus Reid Practitioners /Applied Sociology Award Committee unanimously agreed that Dr. Bruckert should be given the award this year. Her contribution to Sociology and the applied component of the discipline has been exceptional and the committee wanted to recognize her work over the years.

Chris endeavors to put the principles of committed scholarship into practice and is active in the sex worker rights movement. Her engagement includes being an extremely active member of POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work, Educate and Resist) Ottawa's first by-and-for sex worker rights group.




Student: Caroline Claussen, University of Calgary

Caroline Claussen

The Chair of the University of Calgary praises Caroline as both an excellent departmental citizen and sociologist, who devotes her time to her fellow students in a range of activities in addition to her own research. Her doctoral research studies the success of the “Wiseguyz” program in Calgary. This program, administered by Calgary Sexual Health, is designed to help boys critically navigate masculinity and provides a safe space for them to learn about relationships, sexual health, consent, and the demands and requirements of masculinity.




Best Student Paper Award: 

 Not awarded in 2018


Canadian Review of Sociology Best Article Award:

Judy Beglaubter, University of Toronto

Balancing the Scales: Negotiating Fathers' Parental Leave Use (CARS Volume 54, Issue 4)

Judy BeglaubterIn this article, Beglaubter studies couples who share parental leave to explore how decisions about leave allocation are made.  Drawing on interviews with 33 couples, she shows how decision-making in this context is not simply the result of couple negotiations, but broader cultural contexts that continue to prioritize mothers’ caregiving roles. Fathers who were keen to take leaves and be involved with their children, often limited their time away from work, to prioritize mothers’ roles as caregivers. Still, resistance to these cultural norms was evident in certain circumstances. Overall, Beglaubter shows that even when fathers take parental leaves, leave-taking is gendered, and argues for more cultural recognition of the importance of fathers’ care. The selection committee praised this article for its significant contribution to our understandings of the gendered inequalities that constrain fathers from participating equally in parental leave.


Early Investigator Award:

Dr. Barry Eidlin, McGill University

Barry EidlinThe CSA Research Advisory Subcommittee was tremendously impressed with Dr. Eidlin’s research and publication record at this early stage of his career. His diverse accomplishments and intellectual leadership stood out as particularly stellar.  The subcommittee felt that contributions Dr. Eidlin is making to Canadian and international sociological scholarship in the areas of class, inequality, and power are remarkable. The prestigious awards that he has won attest to the exceptional calibre of his work. Those nominating Dr. Eidlin describe him as creative, analytically rigorous, and theoretically sophisticated. The Subcommittee was also impressed with his role as a public intellectual and a builder of the discipline.




John Porter Tradition of Excellence Book Award:

Dr. Genevieve Zubrzycki, University of Michigan

Beheading the Saint: Nationalism, Religion, and Secularism in Quebec.  (2016) University of Chicago Press

Genevieve ZubrzyckiWhile a number of very good books were nominated and considered, the John Porter Award committee took into consideration the Porter Award criteria - relevance to Canadian society, strong theory and data, and accessibility to a lay audience.

Beheading the Saint met all these criteria as it traced the use of popular religious iconography and celebrations (notably St. Jean Baptiste Day) in Quebec as the province moved from a highly religious society to a secular one. Zubrzycki explains how Quebec has turned Catholic symbols into officially "non-religious" symbols of "heritage" while other religious symbols have been treated as threats to Quebec values. The book employs detailed historical and archival research and presents its argument in a clear and readable manner. It is accompanied by fascinating documents for to the reader to ponder.





Outstanding Contribution Award:

Dr. Patrizia Albanese, Ryerson University

Patrizia Albanese is currently Professor of Sociology, Ryerson University. She is also Chair of Ryerson University’s Research Ethics Board, Chair (since 2014), of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for XIX International Sociological Association’s upcoming World Congress of Sociology in Toronto (July), and Past-President of the Canadian Sociological Association.

Dr. Albanese has made major disciplinary and transdisciplinary contributions through her empirical and theoretical study on the sociology of the family, sociology of children and youth, and the emerging field of the sociology of care. For example, her longstanding work on Canadian childcare and childcare policy, reaching multiple audiences, represents important sociological analyses of social, cultural and political institutions as well as social class and its meaning in this country. Her research has appeared in wide-ranging and diverse forums, including important academic venues as well as other highly accessible forms of knowledge dissemination. Indeed, recognizing the importance of sociological education, Dr. Albanese has focused significant efforts on producing important introductory sociological textbooks and edited collections that are crucial to educating the next generation of sociologists.

The reach and rate of her dissemination is impressive, particularly given it evolved over a period of strong leadership demonstrated both for the CSA as well as for her own institution. As President and Past-President of the CSA, Dr. Albanese has been an impressive ambassador, particularly through her role in leading the successful bid for the ISA World Congress and her continuing contributions in her position as LOC Chair. The committee was also struck by her contributions to the profession and beyond in the area of research ethics, curriculum and programming as well as student engagement, nationally and internationally.

These brief highlights of Dr. Albanese’s accomplishments are only a sampling of the contributions she has made to date, but provide clear evidence as to why Professor Albanese was selected to receive the Canadian Sociological Association Outstanding Contribution Award.


Outstanding Service Award:

Dr. Terry Wotherspoon, University of Saskatchewan

Terry WotherspoonTerry Wotherspoon has been selected by the Executive Committee of the Canadian Sociological Association to receive the 2018 Outstanding Service Award for his more than decade service to the Association. Dr. Wotherspoon was a member of the Editorial Board of the Canadian Review of Sociology from 2007 to 2010, Managing Editor of the CRS from 2010 to 2014, then President from 2014 to 2017. He has since represented the Association as a National Representative to the International Sociological Association.

Dr. Wotherspoon performed all of these roles with distinction and dedication. The Executive Committee extends its gratitude and appreciation for his contributions to the Association.




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