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Outstanding Service Award

The CSA has instituted an internal Service Award as recognition of those who have made exceptional service contributions to the Association. Exceptional service is broadly defined, and can include contributions by individuals who have not held a formal position on the Executive Committee as well as by those who have. Normally, the contributions would have been made over a period of years. Exceptional service contributors are understood to mean going beyond the basic job description of a position, coping with particularly difficult situations, or having a long term, recurring involvement in the Association in a number of ways.


Year Recipients Affiliation  
2024 Vivian Shalla University of Guelph
2022 Tracey L. Adams Western University
2019 Patrizia Albanese Ryerson University
2018 Terry Wotherspoon University of Saskatchewan
2014 Luc Boyer Laurentian University
Louis Guay Univeristé Laval
2013  John Goyder University of Waterloo
Katja Neves Concordia University
2009 Stephen H. Riggins Memorial University of Newfoundland
2007 John D. Jackson Concordia University
2006 G.N. Ramu University of Manitoba
2003 William K. Carroll University of Victoria
Ellen M. Gee Simon Fraser University
Susan A. McDaniel University of Alberta
2002 James Frideres University of Calgary
Ralph Matthews The University of British Columbia
Aysan Sev’er University of Toronto
2001 Robert Brym University of Toronto
Vanaja Dhruvarajan University of Manitoba
2000 Douglas Baer University of Western Ontario
Jennifer Jarman Dalhousie University
Bruce McFarlane Carleton University
Michael Rosenberg Concordia University
1999 Agnes Calliste St. Francis Xavier University
Ann Denis University of Ottawa
Diane Looker Acadia University
Gail R. Pool University of New Brunswick
1997 Janice Newson York University
Bill Reimer Concordia University
1993 Gabrielle Chabot CSA Staff / Employée de la SCS
Harry Hiller University of Calgary
Bill Reimer Concordia University