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Webinar Archive

The Canadian Sociological Association hosts webinars and virtual events organized by the Executive Committee, Subcommittees, and Research Clusters.

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Executive Committee

  • (Re)Prioritizing Pedagogic Feedback: Faculty Experiences with Qualitative Comments from Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs)
  • At the crossroads: Sociologists, policing and social justice
  • Career Pathways of Sociology Graduate Students
  • Land Back / Land Acknowledgements: Bringing Indigenous Perspectives into the Institution
  • Palestine and Critical Pedagogy: Considerations for the Classroom
  • Racial Inequalities in the Times of COVID-19: Sociological Perspectives on the Social Production of Racial Inequalities in the Canadian Context
  • Racialized policing in Canada and the drive to defund police
  • Research, teaching and embodiment
  • Survivance and Indigenous street lifestyles
  • The Invasion of Ukraine: A Sociological Conversation about the Realities on the Ground, the Politics, and the Resistance


  • Autoethnography & The Therapeutic Potential of Academic Writing
  • Be prepared, not (too) scared! How sociology graduate students can slay the conference thing
  • Build Your Research Impact – Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences hosted webinar
  • Canada Versus America Job Market
  • Casting the Net Wide: Exploring Careers other than Faculty Positions
  • Communicate Research in Visual Ways with Research Retold
  • Community Based Research: At the Intersections of Queerness and Gender
  • Community-Based Research: An Introductory Discussion
  • Community-Based Research: At the Intersections of Queerness and Disability
  • Community-Based Research: At the Intersections of Race and Indigeneity
  • Converting Your CV to a Resume
  • Effective Social Media Use for Grad Students
  • From draft to article: The process of publishing in an academic journal
  • From Presentation to Publication
  • Getting It Done – Tips and Tricks for Successful Dissertation Completion
  • It's Turtles All the Way Down: The Epistemic and Theoretical Considerations and Impact of Indigenous Methodologies
  • Let’s Talk Systemic Racism / Parlons de racisme systémique
  • Methodological Dialogue: Digital Sociology
  • Methodological Dialogue: Visual Sociology
  • Navigating the Non-academic Job Market
  • Publishing & Public Sociology
  • Pushing Research Beyond Academia
  • Qualitative Research Careers Outside of Academia
  • Taking care of yourself in an uncaring institution
  • The Academic Job Market
  • Writing a Successful Conference Abstract: Practical Tips to Getting Your Abstract Accepted
  • Writing Social Theory
  • Writing Winning Grant / Scholarship Applications

Research Clusters

Animals in Society

  • Animal Agribusiness: Acting Against Specieism
  • International Association for Vegan Sociologists: Peer Reviewing in Sociology
  • Intersections of Animal Studies & Disability Studies
  • Worldly Togetherness? Showcasing sociological contributions to understanding multispecies entanglements


Applied and Community-Engaged Sociology

  • Iranian Politics and (un)Veiling of Women


Internet, Technology and Digital Sociology

  • Researching Digital and Media Literacy in Canada Beyond the Academy


Political Sociology and Social Movements

  • Movements for Black Lives


Race and Ethnicity

  • Committing Sociology to Understand Police Violence: Or a theory of how to get ships into bottles


Relational Sociology

  • Jean-Sébastien Guy: Work and Legacy / Travail et l’héritage intellectuel


Social Theory

  • Writing Social Theory


Sociology of Childhood and Youth

  • Reflections on researching ‘race’ with children


Sociology of Disability

  • Better dead than disabled? The consequences of extending access to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) to disabled people
  • Intersections of Animal Studies & Disability Studies


Sociology of Education / Canadian Association of Sociology of Education


Sociology of Health

  • Medical social control in the Covid-19 era


2022 Annual Conference: Igniting Change Through Sociology

  • Beyond the Crossroads: Persisting Colonial Patterns, Changing Settler Mindsets
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Perspectives on Indigenizing and Decolonizing the Social Sciences in Higher Education
  • Classe et contestation: Héritages du printemps érable
  • Education in Canada: The American Dream or the New Inequality?
  • Getting It Done – Tips and Tricks for Successful Dissertation Completion
  • Indigenous-Settler Alliances and the Strategic Use of Rights Framing to Ignite Change
  • Understanding Social Transition Through the Lens of Soft Universalism