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Jean-Sébastien Guy: Work and Legacy

Networking Webinar 2023

Thank you to everyone for joining us to share in this moving tribute.

Please join us in celebrating the life, work, and legacy of our dear colleague Jean-Sébastien Guy. A few scholars who knew him and his work will provide opening remarks on his work and legacy. However, this is an open invitation to join us and share memories, comments and stories to celebrate Jean-Se’s life and work. We will explore the broad spectrum of his theoretical reflection and will share memories and anecdotes in his many intellectual and personal exploits. These include his instrumental role (together with François Dépelteau’s) in constructing and sustaining an international network of relational scholars, his contribution to the empirical application of relationalism, his ability to engage with Francophone and Anglophone theoretical debates alike, his love for movies, his passion for theory and so much more. We encourage everyone that knew Jean-Sébastien or was influenced by his legacy and theoretical adventures to join us on Zoom on June 7th.

Recorded session not available

Opening remarks:

Chiara Piazzesi – Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Jitka Wirthova – Centre for Science, Technology and Society Studies, Czech Republic
Zoltán Lakatos – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Mónica Sánchez-Flores (Moderator) – Thompson Rivers University, BC, Canada

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