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Reclaiming Cultural Wealth and Challenging Anti-Black Racism in Data Surveillance

Education Webinar 2024

Hosted by the Canadian Association of Sociology of Education (CASE) and the Canadian Sociological Association's Sociology of Education Research Cluster (CSA).

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Presenter 1: Dr. Beverly-Jean Daniel, Toronto Metropolitan University

Reclaiming ‘culture as wealth’ for post-secondary educational achievement amongst Black Canadian students.

Few studies have explored how Black students leverage informal resources, relationships, and activities to succeed in postsecondary institutions, especially in the Canadian context. The overall aim of discussion is to discuss how Black post-secondary student experiences and foster meaningful and culturally appropriate interfaces between informal and formal resources and activities within institutional structures. Drawing from African-centered theories, the discussion will highlight (1) the informal supports and relationships that Black postsecondary students use to facilitate degree completion; and (2) identify how informal supports can influence formal institutional approaches to promoting Black student success.

Presenter 2: Tanitia Munroe, Senior Research Coordinator, TDSB and Doctoral Candidate, OISE/UT

Radical responses to Data Surveillance in Education: An anti-black racism perspective

This presentation will explore how institutions, such as school boards, can gather and deploy student data ‘ethically’. More specifically, what tensions and contradictions must be considered within research, from an anti-Black racism perspective, in order to examine the barriers Black women and non-binary queer people have in education. This presentation draws on critical anti-Black racism advocacy done by and with Black queer youth in Ontario K-12 education spaces. I argue that these youth-led advocacies and activisms offer important insights towards novel methods of understanding and handling student data in educational spaces.