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Communicate Research in Visual Ways with Research Retold

Professional Development Webinar 2024

The Student Concerns Subcommittee presented this workshop facilitated by Research Retold.

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Are you ready to transform your research into a compelling visual format? The Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) Student Concerns Subcommittee invites you to a specialised webinar delivered by Research Retold.  Come and learn how to turn your research into a concise and impactful one-page infographic or visual summary.

Learn the practical steps to transform your research findings into visually engaging and accessible one-page summaries.

Key takeaways:

  • Techniques for translating research into visually compelling infographics
  • Tips for creating an impactful one-page visual summary
  • Strategies for effective communication through visual storytelling

About Research Retold

Research Retold (www.researchretold.com) is a UK-based company offering research communication support to researchers. We capture the essence of research, then retell the most important information with accessible language and engaging visuals.