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The CSA membership includes academics as well as community engaged researchers and practitioners. Anyone with an interest in the discipline of Sociology is welcome to join.

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Benefits of Membership

Subscription to the Canadian Review of Sociology

The Canadian Review of Sociology is a first-class journal for the communication of ideas and research results that are at the core of our disciplines. As a benefit of membership, you will be receive a free subscription to the Canadian Review of Sociology.

Opportunity to participate in CSA governance and decision-making

Through our administrative and committee structure we provide the means to identify and act on issues of concern to our members. Your membership will grant you the opportunity to participate in general meetings, elect your representatives, and most enriching of all, be selected to participate in one of the many CSA committees.

Participation in the CSA Conferences

The Annual Conference makes it possible for our members to meet and discuss academic, research, educational and administrative matters. As a CSA member you will have the opportunity to disseminate your findings, and to learn from other researchers through a myriad of organized sessions ranging from social movements, theory, applied sociology, and many more.

All Conference participants (presenters, panelists, chairs, and discussants) must be members of the Canadian Sociological Association in good standing AND registered Congress delegates for the Canadian Sociological Association Conference by April 15 of the Conference year. Those failing to comply will be removed from the Conference program for that year.

Eligibility for CSA programs and initiatives

  • Association Awards (with exceptions)
  • Elected or appointed positions within the Association’s committees
  • Funding Programs
  • Promotion/exposure of work and achievements
  • Publication discounts

Fees and Categories

Full-time academic (regular) - Sponsor: $200 for 1 year / $380 for 2 years
University or college faculty earning $50,000 CAD or more who would like to contribute to the Association's EDI programs

Full-time academic (regular): $150 for 1 year / $280 for 2 years
University or college faculty earning $50,000 CAD or more

Full-time non-academic (regular): $100 for 1 year / $185 for 2 years
Government or private sector employees and others in non-academic positions earning $50,000 CAD or more

Retired (academic or non-academic): $80 for 1 year / $150 for 2 years

Medium-low income: $80 for 1 year / $150 for 2 years
Academic or non-academic employees earning between $30,000 and $50,000 CAD

Low income: $50 for 1 year / $90 for 2 years
Academic or non-academic employees and unemployed individuals earning less than $30,000 CAD

Student or postdoctoral fellow: $50 for 1 year / $90 for 2 years

Membership Policies

  • The term of membership runs for one-year (365 days) or two-years (730 days) starting on date of registration or renewal and payment
  • Membership is for individuals only and are non-transferrable
  • Membership fees must be paid in Canadian funds. This applies to those residing within and outside of Canada. Payment may be made on line with credit card, cheque, money order. Contact us to pay by e-transfer
  • The registration or renewal process is not completed until payment has been processed
  • Memberships may be cancelled at any time during the term and cancellation requests must be sent to the office by email.
  • Refund requests for cancelled memberships may be considered up to 14 days from the date of registration or renewal processing. Refunds will not be possible after this 14 day period

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