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Facilitating Networks

May 6, 2024
CSA Announcements Professional Development
Preview of Facilitating Networks

In partnership with the Student Concerns Subcommittee and the Policy, Ethics, and Professional Concerns Subcommittee, the Equity Issues Subcommittee is looking to launch a networking support workshop focused on navigating difficult teaching experiences in the classroom. We plan to launch this workshop/series of workshops in the fall of 2024.

Objective: The workshop aims to help participants in developing informal networks to support them in navigating their experiences in the classroom. Our goal is to help facilitate network building among participants who may:

(1) have similar lived experiences as teachers and educators in the classroom
(2) share similar roles in the classroom
(3) face similar teaching challenges or
(4) engage in similar pedagogical practices

To help us meet the needs of potential participants, please respond to our FEEDBACK SURVEY by June 15.

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