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Opportunities in Sociology

Professional Development Publication 2019

The Canadian Sociological Association is pleased to present a resource students co-produced with the University of British Columbia.

Our Opportunities in Sociology pamphlet presents an easily accessible guide to labour market opportunities for students graduating with a BA in Sociology.

The pamphlet is designed with practical advice in mind and will be of interest both to students considering majoring in Sociology and students graduating with a Sociology degree.

The pamphlet consists of four separate sections:

  • An introduction to some of the unique skills that set sociology apart as a discipline.
  • An overview of the Canadian labour market and the types of jobs available to Sociology BA graduates.
  • An examination of how sociology students can best prepare themselves for the labour market.
  • An introduction, based on sociological research, of the most fruitful ways to conduct a job search.

Download the pamphlet