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The Conference sessions are listed below in alphabetical order.  The session details, schedule and locations are subject to change.

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A Look at Educational Inequalities: K-12

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Educational inequalities are a central focus of sociological inquiry. Considering that K-12 education is mandatory in Canada, it is important to build a working knowledge of emerging and continuing forms of inequality in that sector. This session invites empirical papers on early educational and family processes that generate disparities in schooling outcomes, particularly by social class. We encourage presenters to link dynamics producing inequalities in schooling to policy options in education, and to take a frank and evidence-based approach.

Organizers: Jessica Rizk, University of Waterloo, Scott Davies, OISE

Advances in Mental Health Research

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Research on the Sociology of Mental Health has undergone many changes over the past few years related to theoretical and methodological advances in the discipline. This session exhibits researchers doing just that and considers the innovations in understanding the differential exposure and vulnerability to stressors in all areas of life.

Organizer: Marisa Young, McMaster University

Animals and the(ir) Environment

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This session explores the interconnectivity of the environment—both “natural” and built—and its human and other-than-human inhabitants. Space and place are difficult to evade, we are all enveloped in our environments ad infinitum. Central to this topic are questions of how, why, where, when, and with whom we inhabit and engage with the elements around us. Environmental thought is frequently at odds with individual actors, as anthropocentric aims usurp that which is other-than-human. Presentations in this session address ideas of space and place, accessibility, “sustainability” and anthropogenic impact, and notions of inclusive and non-speciesist environmental and social justice.

Organizers: Sarah May Lindsay, McMaster University, Rochelle Stevenson, Thompson Rivers University, Paola DiPaolo, Athabasca University

Animals in Society Research Cluster Meeting

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Do you see value in scholarship that goes beyond an anthropocentric understanding of Canadian society, to one that includes the non- or other-than-human? Do you recognize that we are all animals in a shared society? Are you interested in ‘the question of the animal’? Do you engage in theorizing and research that is inclusive, anti-oppressive, and critical in nature? Join like-minded sociologists at the Animals in Society Research Cluster meeting! As members of the Animals in Society research cluster, we seek to expand current interpretations of societal structures and institutions, social norms, practices, policies, and relations that involve humans and other beings via interdisciplinary and intersectional work.

Organizer: Rochelle Stevenson, Thompson Rivers University

Applied Sociology Cluster Meeting

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The Applied Sociology Cluster invites you to join us at our fourth annual meeting. We welcome anyone who practices or is interested in applied sociology including academics, students, and independent researchers with an applied focus, as well as people working in government, NGOs, health agencies, school boards, and consulting firms. At this meeting we will update our members on our activities, discuss potential positions to fill, and invite ideas about our cluster moving forward. If you are unable to attend, please join our Facebook page or LinkedIn group for updates.

Organizers: Kristyn Frank, Statistics Canada, Sara Cumming, Sheridan College

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